Fachwerk Design - creating a greener future

At Fachwerk, our philosophy is rooted in designing a greener future. We believe that interior design should go hand in hand with sustainable practices to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

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From dull to sustainable oasis — our recent interior project harmoniously combines natural elements and eco-friendly materials, transforming a living space into a serene sanctuary.

Our Mission

Our team's philosophy revolves around the belief that great design has the power to enhance lives. We are passionate about creating spaces that not only look visually stunning but also function effortlessly. We believe in the importance of understanding our clients' needs, preferences, and lifestyles to deliver personalized solutions that truly reflect their unique identity. With attention to detail and a commitment to innovation, our team strives to exceed expectations.

Sustainability is at the core of our team's philosophy. We are dedicated to integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our work. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing energy-efficient systems, we prioritize environmentally conscious choices. Our approach extends beyond just reducing environmental impact; we also emphasize durability and timeless design, ensuring that our creations stand the test of time.


we embrace the inherent beauty of natural materials - Integrating sustainably sourced wood, stone, and organic textiles

Earthly Escape

An ode to the raw beauty of our planet, Earthly Escape employs natural materials and textures, curating interiors that serve as a serene getaway, grounding inhabitants in nature's embrace.

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Sustainable Elegance

Where luxury meets responsibility, Sustainable Elegance crafts spaces that epitomize sophistication while staying true to eco-friendly principles and practices.

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Reclaimed Retreat

A nod to sustainability and history, Reclaimed Retreat uses repurposed materials to craft spaces filled with stories, character, and a minimized carbon footprint.

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Green Haven

An oasis of sustainability, Green Haven is a residential retreat that prioritizes eco-friendly materials and practices, seamlessly integrating the best of nature with modern living.

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Quality work is paramount in our services, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and long-lasting satisfaction for our clients.

More about us
Project Management

Our project management service ensures that your design project runs smoothly from start to finish. We oversee the entire process, coordinating with contractors, vendors, and suppliers to ensure timely delivery and impeccable execution. Our dedicated project managers handle logistics, budgeting, scheduling, and quality control, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy the journey of transforming your space without the stress of managing the details.

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Material Selection

The right choice of materials can significantly impact the look, feel, and sustainability of your space. Our material selection service provides expert guidance in choosing the best materials for your project. We take into account factors such as durability, eco-friendliness, aesthetics, and budget to curate a selection of materials that align with your goals.

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Space Planning

Our space planning service focuses on optimizing the functionality and flow of your space. Whether it's a residential or commercial project, our experienced team analyzes your space to maximize its potential. We carefully consider the layout, traffic flow, and spatial organization to create efficient and well-utilized areas.

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Sustainable Design

Sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy. With our sustainable design service, we prioritize eco-friendly practices and materials to minimize environmental impact. Our team incorporates energy-efficient solutions, sustainable materials, and smart design strategies to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also environmentally responsible.

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Elevate & Evolve

With this project our studio aims to push the boundaries of design, elevating spaces to new heights of sophistication and innovation. We believe in constantly evolving our approach, embracing new techniques, materials, and ideas to create truly exceptional environments.

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Harmony in Design

At our studio, we believe that design is about finding harmony in every aspect of a space. With this project, we prioritize creating interiors that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and the unique needs of our clients. By carefully balancing elements such as color, texture, proportion, and lighting, we curate harmonious environments that evoke a sense of balance and tranquility.

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Sustainable Serenity

With this project, our studio places a strong emphasis on sustainability and creating serene spaces that promote well-being. We believe that design has the power to positively impact both the environment and the individuals who inhabit the space.

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Timeless Elegance

With this project, our studio specializes in creating enduring designs that transcend trends and stand the test of time. We believe that true elegance lies in simplicity, refined details, and a timeless aesthetic. Our team combines classic design principles with a contemporary twist to craft interiors that exude sophistication, grace, and everlasting appeal.